monday musings.

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>> We're finally getting some snow up here with a full fledged blizzard headed our way tonight/tomorrow. Yes, snow is messy and annoying but hey, it's supposed to snow in winter!!

>> Due to said storm (Juno) my flights to Dallas for a conference we're subsequently cancelled for today meaning I'm missing out on queso and margs with dear friends in Dallas. However, now I get to be home for C's birthday! Things would be so much easier if we could apparate...

>> I feel like we need to talk more about this storm. The news says it may be the worst blizzard in history. Because I thought I was going to be out of town, we didn't really stock up on a ton of food etc. Now all I'm craving is chicken soup and it will be impossible for me to make it. Does Peapod still deliver?

>> I made these little cookie dough bites to snack on yesterday and they are so delicious and healthy. I bet you have all the ingredients right now in your pantry.

>> This incredibly boring day was made infinitely better by the arrival of an early birthday present, this bad boy. That's right people, I'm finally joining the Fitbit craze...only took 2 years. Wanna be friends? It's already almost 6pm and I've done 500 steps. So yea, this storm is the real thing.

>> Now that I've adopted C's iPad, I can't wait to get my hands on a library card so I can download ebooks from the local library. So 1996.

>> Target was having a clearance on my fave sports bras so I stocked up and finally tossed the ones that have never fit right. $10 bars for the win!

>> I have a bone to pick with Old Navy. I ran in there the other day to get some jeans. Nothing special, just needed a standard pair that didn't break the bank. I ended up finding 2 pairs on the clearance rack (for like $8 each) and then bought another full price pair ($30). Upon trying them on at home (always a good idea), I was shocked to find out that they all fit...especially because they were all three different sizes (a double 0, regular 0, and a 4). I ended up keeping the two clearance pairs and returning the other. I love a good deal as much as the next girl but I'm still sort of amazed how off the sizing is. So bizarre!

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