monday musings.

>> So much cooking this past weekend. I made Tyler Florence's Prime Rib Chili on Friday night for some friends and C made Bacon Bourbon Manhattans. The chili was different but good - great if you like an all meat chili. Then I made a birthday cake for my good friend's husband. I LOVE making birthday cakes so this was such a fun treat for me. Sunday night's dinner was an easy Tikka Masala that turned out pretty delicious. Needless to say, C had a lot of dishes to wash.

>> I'm reading The Confidence Code along with my team at work and it's so fascinating. I'm shocked by how much of it makes total sense but I'm also hoping that I get some tips and tricks for how to improve. If you like these types of non-fiction books, you should definitely check it out and take the quiz!

>> After feeling like I was in a mascara rut, I picked up this cult drugstore fave to give it a try. Verdict? I like it! It packs a punch, doesn't feel crunchy or flake off, and I like that it's build-able. Pick up a tube!

>> Even though it's been getting cooler up here, the weather has still been nice enough for a comfy afternoon walk. I met up with a friend for a nice long 4.5 mile walk all around East Rock. I was so amazed that we walked so far especially because it did  not feel like a long time. We had plenty to chat about so that definitely made the time fly!

>> I'm super jealous of people who are able to make all of their Christmas gifts. I'm totally at a loss for almost everyone I need to buy for this year and I just wish I could come up with really awesome homemade ideas. Do you have any?

>> Feeling pretty flattered that One Love used one of my images on their Instagram! Check it out!

>> We ordered T25 from ebay and I'm pretty pumped about starting it but also pretty nervous. Have you done it?

>> Starbucks red cups. That's all. 

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