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We got rid of cable tv last spring and in place of my evening binge watching of the Food Network or JGTV, I've been scrolling through Netflix's documentaries section. They have some really interesting options and it's been really fun to learn about something or someone. I wanted to talk about a few I've recently seen that I really enjoyed.

JIG // Irish Step Dancing. It has ALWAYS fascinated me...the steps, the dresses, the boucy, curly wigs. The whole "world" of it is just so intriguing and I found this documentary really, really interesting.

First Position // I can't even tell you how many times I've seen Center Stage but it's at least 30 or 40. I LOVE that movie and I'm mesmerized by the world of ballet so much so that I seriously considered what it would take to become a ballerina at age...oh like 20. HA! This film is crazy showcasing really young kids on their way to ballerina stardom.

Blackfish // I have a confession. A few years ago, I went to Sea World (San Antonio) for the first time. We saw the Orca show and I was so blown away that it brought me to tears. I was struck by how magical and impressive these creatures were but also how inhumane it was that they were in captivity. I simultaneous wanted to become a trainer (I seriously researched it...biology and holding my breath...not my strengths) and set them free all at once. So you can imagine my feelings watching this film. So hard. Tears. I will never visit Sea World again. But that said, watch this film, it's so worth it.

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