learning calligraphy

I've wanted to learn how to write calligraphy for some time now. During our wedding planning process, I was fascinated by all the beautiful styles of calligraphy and really wanted to learn how it was done. Over the summer, I had a lot of free time in the evenings since C was living in Austin. I figured it was the perfect time to sign up for a calligraphy class on Skillshare. There are so many great classes - beginner levels all the way through advanced (digitizing your work!). I love Skillshare (you know that already, hello Photoshop classes!) and I knew this would be a great evening activity. Wine, candles, Ray LaMontagne, calligraphy. Done. 

I started off with this class and ordered the pre-packaged kit that she offered ($20!). Her classes were really thorough and I really appreciated the guides which we could trace over or try to mimic. After completing Bryn's class, I took this class as well just to get another perspective and learn a different style. I'm planning on taking Bryn's Level 2 class soon as well. 

I think this is such a fun, easy to skill to have and I can't wait to get more comfortable with my style. Look out for some fun mail friends and family! 

This post is NOT sponsored by Skillshare, I just think it's a really great resource. If you sign up for a class using my referral link, we both get a free month! 

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