monday musings.

>> So in all honesty, I have just not had time for this space lately. It's not that I'm uninspired or anything, I have like a million posts in draft form, but by the time I have an ounce of free time, all I want to do is relax with C, watch Masters of Sex, and maybe sip on some whiskey. So blogging has become low priority. And you know what, that makes me anxious. HA! I'm crazy. That being said, here are some monday musings for my 6 readers. 

>> We spent this weekend in NYC for a wedding - one of C's college friends and prior roommates in Dallas. It was a great weekend but after several late nights, it was a pretty sleepy train ride home Sunday afternoon. A few highlights: meeting sweet friends at Sarabeth's by Central Park for brunch, finally finding the perfect pair of nude patent pointy toe 3" pumps (that didn't cost a fortune), putting in a solid 5,000 steps traipsing around NYC with Lizzie, and dancing the night away with Mr. Thomas.

>> After deciding Saturday morning that I was not satisfied with the dress I brought with me to wear to this wedding, I made impromptu plans with Lizzie to stop into Zara to try to remedy the situation without spending a fortune. I hit the jackpot and not only found a dress for the wedding for $40 but also scored another dress that is basically perfection (don't judge it by the image online, it's way cuter in person #comfy).

>> Go order these two cookbooks immediately (here and here). Jessica's blog, How Sweet Eats, has been a long time favorite and my go-to when I'm feeling the need to try a new recipe. She's really a gem. I stumbled Stephanie's blog, i am a food blog, through a post on Jessica's blog. How fitting. All this to say, stop reading monday musings and order yourself a copy of their new cookbooks which just launched last week. Cook all the things. Thank me later.

>> I threw out a quick plug for the Fashion Project in a previous post but I feel the need to elaborate due to the success I've had with them. If you're in the process of organizing your closet and maybe switching out clothes for the season, this is the perfect thing to sign up for. They send you free bags, you fill them up with gently worn clothes, send them in, they sell them on their marketplace and donate 55% of the profits to a charity of your choice. Oh, and for every 5 qualifying pieces, you get a $40 Nordstrom gift card. Let me just tell you, I mailed in about 20-25 pieces, and got $120 in Nordstrom gifts cards. Just saying. So go sign up now (it's free!).

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