the birchbox store!

Whooooa my goodness! Heaven on earth! When I heard (and saw all over Instagram) that Birchbox was opening a store, I just about lost it. When I found out that you could build your OWN Birchbox, I was in awe. When I read that you could get your nails, hair, and makeup done, it was love. 

The store is located in precious SoHo and has the most adorable store front. Like I actually wish the front of my home would look like this. 

Inside, it's a glorious mecca of beauty products as well as jewelry and other "lifestyle" items. They carry many of the products sold on the site and everything is test-able. Amazing. They even have little counters where you can do your brows by testing all the different brow products. 

The store is organized by product type instead of brand so that you can easily compare the same product from different brands (lipstick, eye shadow, moisturizer etc.). It's such a neat idea and definitely handy since I'm constantly comparing tons of products to find the best one.

In the back, you can build your own Birchbox from a curated selection of samples. For $15, you get to pick a sample from 5 different categories and create a custom box. Seriously so cool. I finally got a tiny pot of that Egyptian Magic that I've been dying to try.

Downstairs there's a selection of men's products, nail polish, and the beauty bar! $10 for a quick manicure? It doesn't get any better than that! 

You can use your points in the store and your purchases are linked to your account. And if you haven't signed up for Birchbox yet, click here and make it happen asap...because you're missing out! (I'd be forever grateful if you used my referral link!)

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