monday musings.

>> Yesterday we celebrated 1 sweet year of marriage. Go Team Thomas! I'm seriously obsessed with the amazing peonies that C had delivered to work for me - he's a keeper, that one.

>> The fact that your yoga class card is about to expire is a great way to get motivated to go to class almost every day. I'd been SO loving yoga lately and I'm happy to have a little extra motivation to attend. Sometimes it feels cumbersome to carve out an hour and a half of my evening to practice but even when I get home at 7pm or 8pm I'm always so glad I went. I even went to my first Restorative Yoga class last week which was basically assisted napping. #awesome

>> My college roommate and long time bestie came out to New Haven this weekend on her way up to Pomfret, CT for a bachelorette party and bridal shower. We had a blast catching up over margaritas at Geronimo's and then wandered down to Oak Haven for drinks and dessert. A weekend in New Haven isn't complete without stuffing our faces with cinnamon roll pancakes at The Pantry and a nice long walk/hike around East Rock.

>> On my way back from Pomfret, I stopped at Whole Foods to grab a few things. My basket ended up costing a small fortune and was filled with a bizarre variety of goodies including avocado oil (for skin), quinoa hot breakfast cereal, some sort of delicious goat's milk cheese, one goat's milk yogurt, some granola bars, liquefied coconut oil, natural deodorant, a bit of kale from the salad bar, some gnocchi, and a bar of amazing smelling soap. #umwhat?

>> I spent Saturday evening curled up on the couch with a face mask on, engrossed in Orange Is The New Black. Lizzie got me hooked and now I'm already 5 episodes in. Is it weird that I sort of wonder what the heck I would do with myself in prison? Would I be like Piper???? I didn't leave the house until 4:30pm on Sunday purely to attend a yoga class. #winning But I did catch up on a bunch of reading, cleaning, laundry, and some more OITNB. 

>> LOVING this tinted moisturizer that has replaced my Bobbi Brown. It only comes in one color but blends beautifully and serves as the perfect base. I love that it's made of healthy ingredients. 

>> I've started to talk a lot about my new skincare and makeup routine. Are y'all interested in a full post on all the stuff I'm using?! I'm thinking about working one up for you.

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