monday musings.

>> C is officially settled in Austin and we're one week in...9 weeks to go! Yippie! I'm actually headed back to Austin later this week for a few days and I'm really excited to see C. I'm also pretty pumped about flying JetBlue. I've heard it's awesome. Please tell me, is it all it's cracked up to be? If only I didn't have to drive to JFK...

>> Before we headed to Austin, we had a whirlwind weekend in Dallas visiting friends and attending an amazing wedding. Being back in Dallas was so great but it made us miss our friends sooooo much! Hi Dallas friends! We miss you all already!! 

>> The bachelorette party in Bethany Beach was so much fun. It was great to relax on the beach, eat some amazing food, and have some quality girl time. We even did some StandUp Paddleboard Yoga! It was so fun and I was so impressed that none of us fell in!

>> I just stumbled upon this sunscreen and now I know I have to have it. I've previously been a lover of SunBum but I'm pretty sure I'll be adding this Supergoop! variety to my collection very soon. Something about the easy application and oil-based formula is just so appealing to me.

>> I'm obsessed with these photoshop actions created by A Beautiful Mess. I got the sample pack for $10 and now I definitely want more. They are so fun to use and make dabbling in Photoshop so much less intimidating. 

>> Thanks for bearing with me through the mini, unplanned blog vacation. Work is amazing and busy and all this travel has definitely kept me on my toes. I have a bunch of exciting posts lined up so get excited!

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