book review // David and Goliath

I got excited about this book after hearing Malcolm Gladwell speak on a panel in Hartford a little while back. In the past, his books never really grabbed me - they just seemed kind of...fluffy. But his description of this book seemed different. I was especially interested because he has some focus on education which is obviously my new favorite subject. 

I really enjoyed this book overall. His points were well made and well supported. I feel like I learned something new with each turn of the page. If you haven't previously been drawn to one of his books before, I would give this one a try. The stories are engaging and not too heavy. I really loved how Malcolm was able interview so many people to gain their insights for his chapters. I felt like I was getting a first hand account from the source rather than just a collection of research points. 

I'm looking forward to sharing the chapters on education with my team. He makes some really interesting points about class size, and "top colleges" that I think are very applicable to the world. 

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