monday musings.

>> I just love this time of year. We finally got some serious snow over the weekend and that really put us in the holiday spirit. Our friends started receiving our christmas cards which is so fun. I wrapped a bunch of presents (which the cutest polka dot papers from Target) and our house feels very festive. 

>> After googling a million pictures of bangs, I finally took the plunge! I'm really liking them and I like how they've changed up my look. So far, I feel good about styling them. We'll see how good I am about keeping up with trims. 

>> You guys, I did really great with Christmas shopping this year and now I'm a little too anxious to give these gifts. #hurry #ilovegifting

>> C and I headed to Westport on Saturday to go to my high school's holiday concert, Candlelight. However, the wimpy snow storm we got led to the school canceling the concert! How dare they! 

>> At the suggestion of my sweet friend, I checked out this {new to me} site and I'm really liking it. I can't wait to try some of her recipes. 

>> This weekend's ice and snow storm led to a lazy morning including homemade waffles and french press. Eventually, we bundled up, cleaned off the car and made the requisite trip to Target for some wrapping paper...and milk...and coconut oil. Then C cozied back up on the couch while I fried up some chicken tenders for Buffalo Chicken Salads...his new specialty. I also made a batch of Party Mix...which might just be the best batch I've ever had. 

>> Friday night's festivities included a few rounds of beruit. I know....we're pretty crazy. But I honestly can't remember the last time I played it and I totally held my own! C and I held down our place on the table for a few rounds. Go team! 

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