homemade art.

Before I started working, I was looking for anything to keep me busy during the day. I was posting a lot more on this blog, I was cooking a lot, and I was even crafting. C and I don't have a ton of art and we aren't in a phase to be investing in anything expensive. Also, since we don't have a house, I don't want our decor to feel to permanent. 

While browsing Rue La La, I saw this piece of art on sale for over $100. I instantly knew I could recreate it with some canvases from Michael's. And that's just what I did! 
I picked up 3 18"x24" canvases for about $8/piece at Michael's. They are always having crazy sales on canvas...I'm pretty sure these were 60% off. I picked out the least expensive version they had. It was less than 1" thick with was fine with me. I got three because I thought that would look best hanging over our bed. You could certainly choose whichever size canvas suited you best. 

I also picked up a few tubes of acrylic paint. I wanted my colors to be blues/greys so I ended up blending colors to get my desired effect. 

I taped off the canvas into three sections and then started thinking about the color themes for each panel. Honestly, it was a lot of trial and error until I got to the right color. In the end, I'll admit, the colors aren't exactly how I envisioned but I'm ok with that. 

What do you think? Are you inspired to create your own art?

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  1. I love this!! It is my favorite style: clean-lined with pops of color. Looks great!


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