monday musings.

>> After we ditched our plans to spend time in the city on Saturday (while we were already on the train...), we ended up in Westport having an awesome lunch at Bartaco. It was so delicious but the weather left something to be desired...however the company was great! 

>> Sunday was very grey so we spent some time exploring the CT coastline and then made a stop at a precious little vineyard for a little wine and cheese. On our way back, I somehow convinced C to stop at the Le Creuset outlet so we could use a gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket. 

>> Last minute, we decided to run a fun little 5k just a few blocks from our house. There were SO many people...I'm talking like almost 2,000 people running the 5k and over 4,000 running the 20k. We enjoyed running through our neighborhood and I loved my little "celebrity moment" meeting this adorable runner and blogger. I also cheered on my new blogging/running friend Mary! She's so speedy!

>> Can we talk about "selfies" for a second? How come people manage to post really cute ones on instagram, yet all the ones we take are so freaking awkward?? Riddle me that people!

>> So pumped about snagging this dress at my local JCrew for a measly $37! Serious win. It's perfect for Katie & Jay's wedding this weekend back in Dallas!

>> I really wanted to use up some credit I had from Stichfix so I ordered another box even though the last one was such a disappointment. Hopefully, we'll have better luck with this one.

>> Squash. Like the sport. I have no idea how to play it but apparently everyone is doing it around here and the Yale gym offers a class. It's indoors which is great as the weather deteriorates and C and I can play together! We're totally going to give it a whirl!

>> Tonight, I'm looking forward to cozying up to C on the couch tonight with a movie and the rest of the wine from our vineyard visit before the week gets crazy all over again.

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