monday musings.

1. It's almost moving day! Our place is in disarray with boxes everywhere. We're trying to strategically pack what we don't need for the movers to take and then take a bunch of stuff with us so that if our truck doesn't come on time, we'll have to stuff to make due with in the new apartment. 

2. A year ago, I did my first triathlon and this weekend I did the same race again! There will be a full race report coming soon which has an exciting twist! 

3. Our drive to CT is taking us through Baltimore where we'll stop to visit with C's parents and he'll complete the Eagleman Ironman 70.3! Yes, he IS nuts. 

4. Our nights have been filled with dinner dates and tearful goodbyes. It's a strange feeling leaving a place that I've called home for almost 8 years now. I'm so thankful that we'll get to see most of our friends very soon in July! 

5. The dress! I'm picking it up from the tailor today and I'm so relieved. Everything is coming together! 

6. We have a 19 hour drive ahead of us tomorrow and I'm on the hunt for a great audio book to keep us entertained for the ride. Any suggestions? 

7. I've already started previewing adorable moving announcements which I can't wait to send out. 

8. Additionally, I reserved my new email address with my new name. #priorities

9. We brunched at Oddfellows post race but I was starving when we arrived so we hunted for something to hold me over before our table was ready. I had heard a lot about Emporium Pies but didn't realize that it was in Bishop Arts! Perfection! I filled up on this enormous slice of apple pie and barely had room for brunch...oops. 

10. How amazing is this preview of a photo shoot I did with budding photographer and friend, Kayleigh!! Can't wait to see more of her work! 

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