out of the office. for good.

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As you read this, I'm currently soaring over the Atlantic on my way to London for a much needed getaway with the one I love. Wednesday was my last day of work and while bittersweet, it was great to have this trip to look forward to. When we get back, I know I'll be faced with lots of packing and the world of unemployment

It does feel a bit strange to not put up an out of office message or respond to work emails but I am by no means complaining. We have vowed to have a stress-free trip and avoid wedding/moving/packing talk. This is going to be a true vacation. 

I'm not a blogger who likes to schedule posts in my absence because I like my content to be fresh. So, lovely readers, I'm signing off and shutting down. You can follow our escapades on Instagram if you miss me too much. 

We'll say hi to Kate and Will for you guys! Cheers!

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