monday musings.

1. This weekend was both exciting and boring at the same time.

2. We had a blast with our triathlon team on Saturday. Some of us swam (in 55 degree water) and then headed out for a bike ride. It was a beautiful day minus the very windy conditions.

Our awesome triathlete buddies Brendan & Bonnie

3. Then we spent the evening at our church's new Saturday night service. We attended with our sweet friends, Jessie and Brian. The evening ended with Thai food and great conversation. We're gonna try to be #better!

4. Then came Sunday. I'm squeezing in a bunch of hours to meet my Junior League requirement so I spent Sunday sitting at a table at the zoo passing out temporary tattoos for the Dallas Zoo's 125th birthday. Snore city.

5. Earlier in the week, we had lunch (still dreaming about that sandwich) with our minister, Elizabeth. We love meeting with her because she is so wise and so funny! We are well on our way to getting this ceremony planned!

6. In other wedding related news, the suits have been tailored, socks arrived and wedding bands ordered! We're making another trip to CT in just a few weeks where we'll meet with our caterer again as well as our cake baker and church staff. Just under 100 days to go!

7. I am stressed about finding an apartment at Yale. The places are much less expensive than in Dallas but you get what you pay for. It feels like all the good ones go really fast and that you have to act quickly. We're hoping to pick a place when we're up in April!

8. I found this AMAZING site to order our guest book from. Their books are stunning and very affordable. In fact, they deserve their own post once our book arrives.

9. Saving the best for last...after an exciting and heated conversation Saturday night, Craig and I have decided to give a Paleo/Whole30 type eating plan a try. Much, much more to come on this but here's a preview of what last night and this morning looked like.

Our grocery store haul // my breakfast // craig's breakfast of "bulletproof coffee" (yes that all went in the coffee)

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