a skincare update | part II

While the wedding is still a few months away, healing troubled skin can take some time. I've started to take some steps to ensure that my skin is at it's glowing best on the big day.

Last week I talked about some of the products I started using. I'm really liking how they control my oily skin and make it feel clean but not tight. I'll admit that I'm not totally sold on the moisturizer but I think my skin is just trying to balance itself out.

In addition to the Mario Badescu products, I used some birthday money and a Sephora gift card to finally invest in a Clarisonic. I chose to purchase the Clarisonic Mia mainly because it was the cheapest option but also because all the reviews I read said it was awesome. It just didn't seem like I'd need the full size device or the Mia 2 (which just offers two speeds for $30 more).

You can find the device at lots of stores including Ulta and Nordstrom - so search for the best deal/package!

The Clarisonic is basically like an electric toothbrush for your face. It has a large brush head (that needs to be replaced about every three months) and it spins gently but effectively to really clean your face. The one time I had a facial, the lady used the Clarisonic on me and I loved how it felt. It really does feel like I'm getting a deep, deep clean!

I started using it last week and I like it a lot! It's hard to really tell if it's taking off more make-up than regular face washing but when I swipe my toner over my face, the pad rarely picks up leftover make-up. The brush feels really soft and definitely helps smooth my skin out. I use the Botanical Facial Gel with the Clarisonic but you can you whatever face wash you prefer. Some people use it twice a day, but I've just been using it at night. While I do have oily skin, over doing it just dries my skin out and makes it produce more oil. Not a good cycle. For another perspective, check out Kate's review on her blog, The Small Things.

I did lots of research before purchasing and made sure to review Sephora's return policy. I have 90 days to use the product before I'm beyond the return window so I still have another 9 weeks or so to see if it's really making a difference.

Overall, I would definitely recommend it! I have several friends swear by it and get great results.

Tonight I'm taking another step towards healthy skin - I'm getting my first chemical peel! My sweet friend Casey (who happens to be a speedy fast triathlete), is a licensed esthetician so we're teaming up to share all the ins and outs of chemical peels! Check back soon for Part III of my skincare routine!

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