taking the "off-season" a little too literally.

In November, there was the excitement of getting engaged. However, December 9th was looming and I had a half marathon to run. As much as I wanted to sit on the couch and stare at my new bling, I forced myself to finish the training. Then I raced. 


It was all downhill after that. I couldn't move for about a week. I had every reason to take a recovery week and I loved it. Then it was almost Christmas and there were holiday parties, more engagement parties and not a whole lot of working out. Plus, I didn't have a race on the calendar. So that was that. Off-season. Which we interpreted to mean, you no longer need to complete workouts. Ugh. 

Now, here I am, one day before this 15k I signed up for a few weeks ago. Even with that race on the calendar, my motivation to train was very low. It's been kinda cold, and dark and we've had a million and one other things to do besides work out.


But I'll run it and I'll probably hate myself at points. I'll question my sanity. 
This is what I need. This is my our wake-up call. No more excuses.

Lent starts February 13th. Lent has lots of different meanings but the most widely recognized would be "giving something up" or in this case "taking something on". 

Our "Lent" Challenge: 
  1. Eat healthier. Plan meals. Make time to make a healthy meal. Shop for healthier food. Choose healthier options when we're out to eat. 
  2. Stop making excuses to skip workouts. 
  3. Get into yoga. 
It's so easy for C and I to let each other miss a workout. It's also easy for us to let eat other choose the indulgent meal when we go out for dinner. But in the end, we just feel disgusting. Then we're in a bad mood. Then we take it out on each other. Then I tell him things like "I feel smushy..." That's just not cute. Are you seeing a cycle here?

We have access to delicious, healthy food. We have a budget that allows us to purchase healthy groceries. We like to cook. No excuses. 

We have a coach who sends us weekly workout schedules. We don't even have to THINK! No excuses.

Online yoga classes are available for $8/month. You can dial them up on the TV whenever you want. No pressure of taking a class. No excuses.

Bonus: For every month that I don't miss a workout on my schedule, I get to treat myself to a Lululemon purchase. Let's be honest, having a cute new pair of leggings or great new top always boosts motivation. Am I right?

You heard it here first. To my readers, I have a challenge for you. Check in on us. Follow up. Ask about our progress. Keep us accountable! 

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