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For a multitude of reasons, C and I refrained from wedding planning for the first several weeks of our engagement. Being engaged is a joy-filled time and I wanted to let that feeling soak in. Engagements can be such a whirlwind where you dive right into flowers and favors but it's also a very transitional time. You're deciding to combine your life with someone else's. You're creating a new family unit. You're committing to share everything with another person.

Unlike some brides-to-be, I didn't have a "dream wedding" outlined in my head before we got engaged. In fact, I was caught somewhat off guard because I figured we still had several months before I'd be wearing this sparkly ring. However, that didn't stop our friends and family (and even people we don't really know) from asking us many times over, when the wedding would be, where it would be, what our colors would be, who would be in the wedding...etc. Talk about overwhelming. I'm about to attach myself to another person for the rest of my life, let us bask in that for a few weeks.

When we finally felt ready to make some decisions do research, I became incredibly overwhelmed. Weddings are expensive. I have no idea how to negotiate a contract with a caterer. Does this old house really work as a wedding venue? We have to find the perfect band. Wow this venue is so pretty! Oh wait, it's $35,000. You get the point. 

But weddings aren't just about the calligraphy invitations and bridesmaids dresses. We often gloss over arguably the most important part of a wedding. The ceremony. It is, after all, the real reason people are gathering is to celebrate. They are witnessing the union of two people through what should be a meaningfully crafted moment between you and your husband-to-be.

After the frenzy of ironing out all those other details wore off, I realized there was something more important at the top of my list. I wanted to find the right person to marry us. I wanted it to be someone we had a relationship with, someone who believed the same things we believed, someone who wholly respected the institution of marriage.
Good news people, we can check that item off the list. Progress! I recently met with a close friend who also happens to be a Reverend. I was so honored she agreed to be a part of our wedding and she was honored that I asked her! Win-win!

I breathed a sigh of relief as I left our meeting. Someone I respect and trust will be standing by us as we vow to honor, respect, love and protect one another. She'll be guiding us and praying for us as we prepare to embark on this new chapter of our lives.

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