back on track.

Now that triathlon season is over for me, it’s time to focus on training for theDallas Half Marathon (Dec 9th)! This will be my first half marathon (of many, hopefully!) and I’m really pumped.

There was a time when I couldn’t run a 5K. There was a time when just running the whole thing seemed impossible. Like during these two 5Ks…

But miraculously, I’ve come to really look forward to running…

After a long weekend in Austin, I was ready to get back on track. My body was ACHING to run on Monday. I headed out to the trail after work for a quick 30 minute training pace run. It. felt. amazing. Honestly, it was probably the best run of my life. I can’t really explain it. I just felt the need to run. I set my watch and took off, the next time I looked at my watch, I was 10 minutes from being done! That has NEVER happened to me before. I’m one of those people who checks her watch every 30 second to check my pace and heart rate. But this time, I just zoned out and ran. I may have experienced my first runner’s high!

Tuesday’s workout was an easy swim. Even though I’m training for a half marathon, my coach is incorporating lots of cross training into my schedule to avoid injury and have “active recovery”.

The strange thing is, I used to dread when my schedule said “RUN”. Now, it’s what I love the most. My body craves a good run. However, I do appreciate the fact that my schedule is always varied and that I can mix up the weeks with swimming and biking. I’m prone to shin splints and very tight calves so it’s nice to be able to rest my legs but still get a cardio workout.

Wednesday was weights. At 6am. Ouch. It was hard. I wouldn’t consider myself to be very strong and my muscles were shaking within the first 15 minutes. Today (Thursday), my whole body is aching (even my head). Muscles I didn’t even know I had are screaming at me. Sitting down is a workout and forget the stairs in my parking garage. I’m taking the elevator.

But the pain feels good. I know I’m working hard. My body is rebelling but it will get stronger. I can’t wait to do weights again and see an improvement in my strength.

But for now, I’m popping Aleve like candy and plan on becoming best friends with the foam roller tonight. Cheers to achy muscles!

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