monday musings.

1. I successfully completed another triathlon on Saturday! This was a pool swim which was somewhat frustrating as I waited over an HOUR after the race started to take my turn in the pool. I watched the winner finish the race before I even dipped my toe in. I was able to shave over a minute off my 100m swim pace which was very satisfying. However, I managed to run my miles a full minute SLOWER than my last race due to the hilly course and unrelenting heat. Struggle city. Better luck next time!

This was me Friday night before the race…

9000 degrees outside…

Is this what death feels like?

2. We tried to beat the heat on Saturday by catching a matinee of The Dark Knight Rises. It was definitely entertaining. The previews for the rest of the summer movies look so good though!

3. I want to bake for you. For a small fee. All sorts of sweet treats. (Don’t request something with fruit in it…I don’t do fruit.) Would you pay money for my baked goods? How do you feel about a late night bakery? The entrepreneur in me wants to know.

4. I successfully recruited another friend to start doing triathlons! She’s the sweetest and I’m so excited for her to get hooked on this sport.

5. Ummmm how is it almost August….? But I actually think I’m ready for this…

6. In my opinion, I think the spending freeze is going quite well….minus the necessary triathlon related purchases…

7. I’m definitely going to be making this sometime this week.

8. We had these for dinner last night. DELISH! and perfect for a hot summer night.

9. I used this tutorial to make two sweet workout tops from old t-shirts…just call me Lululemon.

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