monday musings.

1. So blessed to have been able to witness the marriage of Keelie and David this weekend in Park City, Utah. They had an amazingly heart-felt ceremony followed by a great party. What a special night!

2. I made cupcakes in a jar and butterscotch ice cream for our small group dinner on Thursday night. To say it was a hit would be an understatement. I think I have a sweets shop in my future. It’ll be open at night though because we all know I’m not a morning person.

3. Race Day is officially 6 days away! So about all that training…

4. Finally got my car back and it’s looking pretty spiffy! I never realized how much I loved driving my Mini until I didn’t have it for two weeks!

5. Everything on my “buy-this-when-you’re-not-poor-list” these days is work-out related from new lululemon tops like this one and this one…to new bike shoes and bar tape. Yikes.

6. We made this pasta from Self Magazine the other night and really enjoyed it!

7. Did I mention how stunning Park City is even when it’s raining? Take a look here and here. (taken with the 360 Panorama App)

8. Is it acceptable to live off cereal? There are days when I want to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

8.5. Also, does granola with dark chocolate chunks in it count as a healthy lunch? I ate it with greek yogurt…?!

9. I’m 95% sure I lost my favorite Ray Ban Wayfarers. So irritated. I HATE losing stuff. Especially expensive stuff. Grrrrr

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