{triathlon training} week 8: RACE WEEK!

This. is. it. All those weeks of training comes to this. I can’t believe the race is just days away. I feel like I’ve been talking/thinking about this race for at least 6 months.

Monday - OFF

Tuesday - Group Swim — Well the private party interfered with our regularly scheduled swim practice so I hit the pool at Baylor with C and practiced my stroke.

Wednesday - OFF — Dinner Date!

Thursday - Group Track — I bailed after 30 minutes at track to head to Luke’s Locker for some sweet hot pink compression sleeves. Let’s hope I can rest these legs and heal this injury before the race!

Rocking compression under my jeans at work...

Friday - OFF

Saturday - 15 min bike, 15 min jog

Sunday - Sprint Triathlon RACE DAY!

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