{triathlon training} weeks 5 & 6

Sunday (5/6) - Extra Credit Swim — C and I hit the SMU Outdoor pool to swim some laps Sunday afternoon. It was a little more challenging because the pool is 50m instead of 25 but I think that made for a better workout.

Monday - Optional Club (Bike/run) — I couldn’t make the club workout last night so I conducted my own workout of a 30 minute interval bike (1 min hard, 4 min easy) and a 30 min run. It was SUPER windy because I storm was blowing through so I struggled a little bit but overall I felt really good. I ran with music this time and I think that really helped (thanks needtobreathe!). I’m also recovering a lot faster which I think is a sign that I’m getting stronger!

Tuesday - Group Swim — I was literally sitting in the parking lot, debating turning around and going back home. I just wasn’t feeling that hot and it was chilly (around 73 degrees) so I wasn’t really feeling like jumping in a cold pool. BUT! Alas, I went so as not to disappoint my group, C and myself. And…as usual, after the workout was over, I was glad I went.

Wednesday - 30 min Bike followed by 30 min Run — This week has been a scheduling nightmare since we’re leaving town on Friday but C and I managed to squeeze in a 30 min run. We wrapped it up with dinner at Company Cafe on our way home. Then I promptly ate a burger smothered in goat cheese…oh and fries. Pretty much cancels out the workout.

Thursday - Group Track

Friday - OFF — UMASS to see my baby sister graduate!!

Monday (5/14) - 45 min easy jog — C and I hit the trail to tackle the longest run on my schedule so far. We kicked that run’s butt! And you know what….it. felt. good. yes. success.

Tuesday - Group Swim — I’m starting to feel really good about the swim. I might have a false sense of security swimming in a pool but I guess the truth will come out on race day.

Wednesday - 1 hour moderate bike — Last day of youth group with my sweet girls so I didn’t make my ride. Maybe I’ll make it up on Friday…

Thursday - Group Track — This was the hardest track workout to date. We probably ran the most miles with the least amount of recovery time…not to mention it was HOT. Blazing hot. But somehow I managed to make it through…

Friday - Off

Saturday - Transition Clinic — We learned all about how to set up for transitions and different strategies for being comfortable and efficient. It was really helpful and also made the impending race date more real. I was also able to spend a little time at the center talking to one of the coaches about nutrition and race day fuel. I can’t believe the race is only 2 weeks away!

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