monday musings.

1. The little sister is all grown up and graduated. We had such a blast celebrating with her and hanging out the my family. 

2. Why, WHY are some people just so dumb? The only reason there are lines at the security checkpoint is because people are dumb. They just cannot get their sh*t together efficiently and end up holding everyone up. And then there’s the guy who tries to go through the scanner with his cellphone in his pocket. After he’s emptied his pockets of everything else…so dumb.

3. We’re obsessed with this video. Then again, who isn't?

4. Harvard is so pretty and it was such a treat to get an exclusive tour from a pretty handsome grad.

5. My sister is headed to Nantucket for the summer to work at a country club. My mom is took here there last night and is hanging out on the beach for a week. Not exactly sure why we didn’t factor that into our trip….?

6. I’m back on an eBay kick. Currently hoping to snag a zoom lens for my DSLR camera. Would have been handy this weekend but it’s a lens I need to get my hands on regardless. Wish me luck!

7. Did any of you try making those insane cupcakes I posted last week? How did they come out?

8. I’m loving writing DG recs for all my little youth group seniors who are headed to college. GO DG!

9. Happy Graduation to all the SMU 2012 graduates. I pretty much don’t know anyone who goes to SMU anymore. Well, next year I’ll know a pretty cute little freshman (Love you EP!).

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