buy one, toss one.

Like any normal, twenty-something girl, I have a love for shopping. A new sweater, shirt, dress, pair of shoes…it’s such a thrill and I usually wear that item in excess for the next few weeks. Then, a few weeks later, I’m standing in my closet, staring at all the clothes and thinking, “UGH! I don’t have anything to wear!”

Ladies, why? WHY! Why do we do this? What is it about “old” clothes? Why does the excitement of a new item wear off and get shoved to the bottom of our drawers or back of our closets.

As I was putting away sweaters and pulling back out the sundresses, I started purging items. I took two very large bags of clothes to Buffalo Exchange and impressively scored about $65! Most of the items I got rid of were pieces I’d worn a few times and had been keeping around “just in case”. No, a navy blue, velour, Juicy sweatsuit is not really appropriate anymore….

Purging these items felt good, a fresh start. I also realized that there are some items in my closet, “the staples” (black pumps, pencil skirts, white button downs, classic cardigans, a good pair of jeans…etc) that had passed their prime but I didn’t want to get rid of them because…well, I needed them.

The plan?: If I buy something new, something similar has to go!

Why?: I’m running out of room in my closet and I don’t need 6 different navy tees.

Benefit?: Old, worn-out items get tossed and refreshed.

The challenge?: Finding the perfect replacement and not spending a fortune!Especially if they aren’t making those perfect black pumps anymore.

Example #1:

I love these nude, pointed toe flats I got about three years ago from Nine West. But sadly, they have passed their prime.

But luckily, I found the perfect replacement flats on Amazon for $48! I love Sam Edelman shoes and these are very comfortable. Hopefully, I get another three years out of them!

Sam Edelman Hampton Flat

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