2 year (blogging) anniversary

It was this day, two years ago, that I was sitting in a half empty apartment about to embark on a whole new chapter of my life and starting this blog. I had just graduated from SMU a few days before and my roommate had already moved back home. There was no living room furniture or TV and the place was filled with boxes of old and new items, ready to be moved into the new apartment.

I had, in fact, already started working at my new “big girl” job but the days were sporadic until I started full time June 1st. Some of my friends were off on extravagant post-grad vacations and some were visiting home before settling into the real world. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time watching Netflix on my computer on my tiny twin bed, contemplating my inevitable entry into the real world.

And then there was this blog. Blogging was just beginning to catch on at this time. I had kept a blog while I was studying abroad in Denmark and loved having the ability to chronicle my experiences to share with family and friends….

Seeing as how I was freeing myself of nights filled with homework, I figured I’d have plenty of time to blog about new recipes and extravagant dinner parties…

About two weeks in to “food, friends and foreign lands”, I realized that I didn’t want to limit myself to postings about food and travel. I wanted to use the blog as my outlet for…well, anything.

That’s precisely what I did.

I blogged about anything and everything. Sometimes recipes, sometimes articles, sometimes I just posted pictures…

I started with Blogspot and stuck with that for about a year before switching over to Tumblr last August…
(updated: March 2013 when I switched back to blogger...)

But now, I’m not so sure. I’ve been struggling with that this blog means, it’s purpose. (Does a blog have to have a purpose?) My life is so…out there. Most days, I feel like I’m blogging because I HAVE to. Because I committed to my monday musings and I don’t like quitting. On the other hand, I do like sharing the little things - photos that inspire me, random thoughts and events, pictures to share with family/friends, favorite quotes/inspirations…and I do love reflecting back on that stuff. So in that way, I feel like this blog is for me. Just me.

I mean let’s be honest here…I have like 5 “followers”. My mother. Becca. My Aunt Cathy.

Is writing a blog selfish and conceited? Am I writing just to boast about my sub-par life and mediocre photography skills? Why does blogging suddenly make me feel sovulnerable? Where is this blog going….where am I going?

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