no meals out in march!

Friends, here’s the deal - today marks the first day of our attempt to avoid eating out for the month of March. The ONLY exceptions were allowing are birthday dinners because well, our friends are dear and we want to celebrate them. It wouldn’t be very fair of us to postpone a March birthday dinner to April…so Marmie, you are in the clear, we’ll see you tomorrow!

I’ve already pinned tons of recipes that are great for the freezer and we’ve pledged to be better about going to the grocery store and actually buying groceries for more than one meal. In fact, I spent a good hour yesterday reorganizing my pins…#ineedalife.

One small, tiny problem is that is REALLY don’t like leftovers. Pizza and pasta without sauce are pretty much the only leftovers I like. Thank goodness C likes leftovers because our dinners turn into lunch the next day for him. Lunch for me will still primarily consist of peanut butter and honey sandwiches and maybe some greek yogurt.

I’m planning to purchase some of these so that I can make eggplant lasanga and butternut squash stuffed shells and mac & cheese and have an easy way to freeze and reheat them. The plan is to spend some time cooking on Sunday and then freeze the meals. I’ve done this with butternut squash soup, turkey chili and my meat sauce and it’s worked really well. If you freeze that kind of stuff in freezer baggies and lay them flat, they are SUPER quick and easy to defrost with some hot water. I freeze mine in quart bags which is about 1 - 1.5 servings — just the right amount for us!

Cooking would be so much easier and fun if my kitchen looked like this…and if I had a personal dishwasher….

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