monday musings.

1. I didn’t have last Monday off. Everyone keeps talking about the “awesome short week”…but I, in fact, worked a full, very long, very slow week. Ok…I think I’m done now.

2. I’m currently crushing on his hand lotion from TokyoMilk. I have it in Dead Sexy. My hands are SUPER dry in the winter and this lotion has the most perfect scent and doesn’t leave your hands sticky. I don’t even have to wear perfume!

3. I’m also very obessed with this NARS Matte Lipstick Pencil. It literally DOES NOT COME OFF. Eat. Drink. Dance. It says put all night. Put it on at 8pm and you’ll still have perfectly colored lips by 2am. I want it in every color. But I’m loving this vibrant red color (Dragon Girl) at the moment. I’ve never found a more perfect red lipstick.

4. I feel like I need to purchase a new cosmetic item once a week. Blush. Perfume. Lipgloss. Eyeliner. I’m on overload. I’m planning to dump out my lip product bin next week and show you the collection. Stay tuned.

5. It’s been high 60’s, low 70’s in Dallas pretty much all “winter”…this weekend, it almost got up to 80! Will you kill me if I say that I’d kill for hat/mitten weather and a little snow?

6. I managed to overfill my gas tank, drop my keys (and leave them) in a parking lot and then miraculously, my car battery dropped dead sunday morning when I was already late for church. Car issues.

7. We (C and B&B) planned a ski trip to Breckenridge!! So excited to hit the slopes and curl up by the fire!

8. When someone says, “No gifts please!” what is the etiquette there? Do you still bring a gift? Obey their wishes? What if everyone else shows up with a gift? Dilemma.

Happy Monday y’all!

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