monday musings.

I’m starting a new weekly post inspired by some of my favorite fellow bloggers…like Jessica at How Sweet, Molly at Happy Baby, Sydney at The Daybook and Bethany at The Jordan Journeys.

So let’s just start this Monday off right with a few things that are on my mind…

1. I totally wish there was a Trader Joes some where around here…not only for their signature “two-buck-chuck”…but for this.

2. I’m obsessed with my face washing regimen that I’ve started thanks to the most helpful associate at Kiehl’s in HP Village. Go there. Get samples. Fall in love. Then ask for a sample of this stuff. It’s magic.

3. I love my weekly GChat therapy sessions with Becca. They make the day go by so much faster. Sometimes we GChat in hashtags #likeitstwitter…

4. After seeing the Nutcracker Ballet two weeks ago, I reminded of how badly I would like to be a ballerina. I’m pretty sure I’ve passed my prime though.

5. On December 10th, I finished my Christmas shopping. Go me! It’s all wrapped and ready to be shipped home.

6. I’m just going to go ahead and pat myself on the back for reorganizing my closet and FINALLY (I mean it’s only December…) switching out my summer/winter clothes.

7. I had horrible nightmares last night that my perfect “pinterest” wedding went amiss when all the guests turned into zombies and my future husband didn’t recognize me. That’s probably because C and I watched Unknown last night. And sometimes we watch Walking Dead. Weird show.

8. I’m hosting a Secret Santa party at my apartment tonight. It’s only 500 sq ft. It’ll be interesting to see how well 11 people fit inside. But I’m making this so I’m sure everyone will be fine.

9. SPCA had the puppies at NorthPark on Saturday. Why do they do that? Why do they always bring the cutest ones? Why are the puppies always so well-behaved? Can I have a puppy for Christmas…PLEEEEEEEEEASE?

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