I'm starting a blog...

...but I really don't think this is an original idea. Many people have blogged about food and travel, it's arguably the most common blog topic. I do not plan to say anything profound, become a famous chef, or going on extravagant trips. My intention is to simply chronicle the (typically mundane) life of a working girl trying to make time for friends, food and travel.

I vowed that when I went abroad last spring, I would keep a religious blog of all my travel experiences. I did a pretty good job keeping up with it but it wasn't remotely interesting. I simply laid out the days events and signed off.

My goal and desire is that this blog is somewhat interesting. Starting June 1, I begin my career as an Investment Analyst for a wealth management firm in Dallas. This means, future readers (and I hope that I have some...), I can only promise to blog once a week.

So here goes nothing!

(Disclosure/Update 3/11/2013: This was the very first post when this blog started and was going in a million different directions. There have been several name changes, format changes and even web host changes. But I'm nostalgic so while it might not feel relevant, I'm including it anyway!)

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